Monday, August 8, 2011

{Project Runway Australia Sew-a-long} Challenge 5: Grandma's Best

Project Runway 5th challenge involved no models - instead family members of the contestants! 
The brief: design their ultimate outfit
It must suit them to a tea, fit them like a glove and fulfill their every fashion fantasy
Budget $100
Time limit: eight-hours

Introducing... Nanna Linda!

A little about Linda...
1. She was wearing black before black was the new black... she insists she was the first in Sydney to wear ALL black (and I am not inclined to argue);

2. She commutes several hours every day to visit my grandfather in his nursing home, every day of the week (no days off for Linda!);

3. Has no time to launder with care nor iron her outfits;

4. She is terribly interesting, rich in character and full of stories!

 This inspired the light, gauzy fabrics she can wear on her long walks and trips on public transport all this coming summer long.

Also, I made the design so it didn't need to be ironed - but still looks smart. I achieved this in two ways. First, I tried experimental ruching on the sleeves - to make a feature of the wrinkled look. Second, I placed the grosgrain ribbons down the front and on the sleeves to give the impression of clean lines - without having to iron.

 The textured fabric in the skirt plays to her quirky ways.

Linda is happy with the fit. LOVES the colour and is absolutely tickled to have a new outfit!


  1. Great modeling in her last pic! Thanks for introducing your Nanna, she's really sweet and the outfit suits her so well!

  2. I can see where you get your good looks from... ! Your grandmother is so gorgeous in her outfit, and does look pretty happy with it! Well done!

  3. Linda is so inspiring, Awesome outfit and Linda suits it perfectly!

  4. It's absolutely gorgeous on her, very Coco Chanel. You're SO lucky to still have a grandmother, I lost both mine the last few years. I miss them so much... take care of her (sewing for granny of course must be the ultimate way)!


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