Monday, February 21, 2011

a bag a day: the jute strap bag

 A hold-all over the shoulder bag.

In the daily commute, ladies tend to have a fancy handbag and then a (not-so fancy) carry bag for everything that doesn't fit in the handbag. As if no-one can see the carry bag?! This creation solves that by taking it all: packed lunch; cardigan; umbrella; make-up bag and novel with ease.

It is made of just three things. One length of jute webbing from etsy. One ex-freedom furniture decorator fabric swatch (admittedly, of a generous size). And one YKK zip. The zip and the fabric were the same length - meant to be. And no waste. Using an entire piece of fabric like this without leaving any scraps is called "nought couture"

The jute strap is surprisingly comfy. Sturdy but not cutting nor itchy. And great for a rustic look.

I adore the leafy pattern woven into the black fabric.


  1. Great Bag! I love a utilitarian bag with style. I just started a blog last week too. I hope everything goes well with your blog.

  2. Beautiful!Love the contrast of the kind of dressy fabric and the rustic jute webbing.Nice handy size,too.Thanks for shopping at trims and trappings..hoping to update soon!

  3. I *really really* love this bag - I would love a concise tutorial on how to put it together (fabric sizes, etc)!


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