Sunday, February 20, 2011

a bag a day: the vintage handle bag

100% reuse. 

That's not to say the material itself isn't new. It is! You know those fabric swatch books in decorator stores? That's what the outside of this bag is made from - two swatches.

And fabric swatch books aren't just for decorator fabrics, either. Fabric wholesalers/importers have them too for ALL types of fabric! That's what the lining is made from. Yep, another swatch.

You will find plenty of individual swatches for sale on etsy. I find mine at the local community centre.

The handles are vintage.  Aren't they great? Keep an eye out for some on an old handbag next time you're in a thrift store. They're easy to work with. You can buy them new in quilting/embroidery stores.

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