Thursday, March 10, 2011

do you compete?

Some of last year's comps. Click to enlarge.

Entering competitions are a great way to build up your skills.

On a personal level, deadlines, feedback and accolades can do wonders. The discipline of working within a 'brief' and time limit can be great motivators. No matter what your creative pursuit, claiming a prize can give you the confidence to propel you beyond your current limits. And even if you don't win, you can gather valuable feedback on your style and skills

At a social level, competitions expose your work to your peers and industry players. Check out who's on the judging jury. They are often industry influentials and players. Like editors of magazines that could showcase your work. You also get to attend 'the event' and share that experience with those close to you... it might even be their first introduction to the fact that you sew.

I am thinking about what to get into this year, and put together this runsheet of the year ahead's competitions. It has a local focus, and for my dear international friends I explicity mention if it's for international entries or not. But e-v-er-y-o-n-e don't forget to keep an eye of the competitions section of BurdaStyle here for those out-of-the-blue comps that could change your craft for ever!

Entries close March 15 
Maybe a little late for this year's but one to aim for in the years to come.

All ages and disciplines including a wearable art section. The focus is on using wool! All categories cost $44 except: 'wool 4 skool' is free; secondary is $22; women ready to wear is $110.
Entries close April 1st
 I love merino wool

The Australian Museum's eco-conscious comp has both student and open categories. One entry limit. Design and make an outfit out of materials that were bought for a non-clothing purpose. Entry $15.
Entries due April 21st
Two of Peppermint Magazine's senior staff are on the jury, weeee!

For secondary college, TAFE/tertiary college and open designers.
Entry forms become available April/May

All ages – free entry, well almost: make something with tessuti's exquisite fabrics to the category brief. The category details are usually available July with entries open through to September.
I can't recommend this competition enough.

All ages and a variety of categories. $35 entries for students and $55 for non-students.
Entries due June 24th

{ Chambord Shine Awards }
This is a glamorous competition where ten finalists are selected and then given cash to create a final piece. 
Usually held mid-year

The subscription Fashion TV channel (FTV) inaugurated a fashion design award in Australia in 2010. This is another one I'll be on the look out for and hope it returns this year.
Usually held mid-year

{Spring Racing Carnival Fashion Awards } 
There are quite of few around the nation - they deserve a dedicated post closer to the event.

For 13- to 18-year-olds. Entry is $30. 
State finals usually held in October 
Ok, these are not for me, but maybe for someone you know ;)

Have a dedicated 'fashion' category. An event run by the Powerhouse Museum. 
I can't quite tell when their next call for entries will be... but these are truly international*** affair!
Tell me what I've missed!

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  1. For something really different, and a real challenge. Try Ag Art competitions. I won last year and got to go to New Zealand to compete. An explanation on Ag Art - make a garment from stuff found on a farm. There is an Avante Garde section,Designer, Under 21 and Hat sections. Elmore entries are open now.


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