Thursday, March 3, 2011

quit your day job: DIY labels (that are washable!)

I have seen tutorials for (and even bought clothing with) labels printed with computer printers onto iron-on transfers, only to see them wash out after the first wash - leaving a blank label! So, I came up with this method myself with what I had around. Fabric paint from stencilling (Alabama Chanin projects), plain fabric (called calico here in Australia and the UK) I use for toiles (aka muslins), a scrap of sponge, a laundry marker... and the only bought item: a rubber stamp.

The rubber stamp was an experiment. It was sold in the shop for paper craft and I wasn't sure if it would work for fabric and fabric paint... but I am pleased to confirm the hypothesis has now been proven.

What you need to do:
1. Place the sponge in a plastic tray (like an ice cream container lid or take-away container lid)
2. Dollop sponge with fabric paint
3. Press rubber stamp onto sponge
4. Stamp your plain fabric (it will take a couple goes to get the amount of paint and pressure right - you may need to do an initial blotting)
5. Iron your stampings to set the fabric paint
6. Write on your labels with a laundry marker
[if your fabric pen also needs to be set by an iron, write your labels before setting them with the iron]
7. Cut out your labels and either, sew them into your garments, or, attach them with ribbon and a small brass safety pin as swing tags

Experiment with colours, shapes and fabrics. Find your 'look and feel'. I've even used them for gift tags. So it's handy to keep blank ones lying around.


  1. stopped by to have a look and I can say I love how your blog is starting to look, love the quality of your posts and how simply well done and creative your pictures are! have a wonderful day!:)


  2. Labels - that's a fantastic idea. Was wanting my own labels printed for my garments, but too expensive. I love your labels - very organic. Will definitely try it out too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this idea and have blogged about this providing links to your blog etc. When I find some time, Ill have a go at doing these myself. Thank you for sharing. If you object to my link then let me know...all the best from wet and windy Bristol, UK.


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