Friday, July 8, 2011

baby bunting

Emmy is truly a delight to work with. When the day came for her maternity leave (today!) I wanted to give her something at least half as delightful as she is. Behold, baby bunting. Small bunting, for the baby room - or hers to brighten up wherever she wants.

Made from fabric swatches and samples from the local community centre, like this and these. Approx 90% reuse (from commercial excess) and 10% new bias binding. Spontaneous, creative gifts like these are the reason I like to always have some bias binding lying around.

A simple gift. From one home to another.  Congratulations, Emmy!


  1. So cute, and the baby will love having something cheerful and colourful to look at over his/her cot!

  2. The urban bunting bag is called many things and it's been around for years. It serves many purposes and generations of babies have been glad their parents thought to get one.


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