Saturday, August 20, 2011

{giveaway winners} missoni DIY skirt kit

Congratulations, you're all winners!

Thanks for entering Le Coutureve's giveaway. You all gave such great reasons, I went and put together more DIY skirt kits to give away. You will receive the Italian designer missoni fabric that your name appears on.

Anna Aa.;
katherine h;
Bernice; and
receive the large ups and downs - the same I used in the suddenly summer dress

Keren; and
receive the little green peaks

And you all receive a metre each of the mokuba fold-over elastic for the skirt waistband. To receive your prize, email, passiona "at" with your postal address. A cool, hand wash is all this fabric needs to keep looking its best.

Thanks to Colette at tessuti for featuring the dress and giveaway and introducing new readers to Le Coutureve. Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

{who's your...?} pattern girl double

ASIDE: You've been waiting and it's unfair not to update you. 
The skirt kit giveaway will be finalised in the next few days. 
A special 'Hello' to new followers of Le Coutureve. 
Pash's Pattern girl doppelganger: simplicity 5229
You won't be disappointed when you see the announcement 
post ;)
Sorry for the Le Coutureve absence.
 I've been working on an outdoor 
project in the past week - more news 
to come on that.  Project Runway #6 
coming soon and more.

Have you found your pattern girl double? 

One day whilst pouring through vintage patterns online, I got a shock when I saw myself staring back at me. There she is above left. OK, so, on the right is the only available photo of me in a yellow turtle-neck. But pre-school or not, there's something going on, there.

It made me wonder: From where does the pattern cover artist take their inspiration? A girlfriend? The indelible impression of a pacing face on the street? Some are obvious - there are plenty of movie stars and celebrity inspired pattern cover girls!

Here's a Lady Di double on Neue Mode 22471. I superimposed the photo onto the right of the pattern cover. Because there really is no mistaking it!

Who have you seen in vintage pattern covers? Have you found yourself yet? Tell me which pattern! And do you agree that the photo covers spoil all this imaginative fun?!

Now, in folklore and legend seeing your doppelganger isn't always a good omen. So, maybe you can just count yourself lucky if you haven't!

And here's a test to take you out. Can you pick which one isn't Nicole Kidman?

... McCall's 2799, of course!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{sewing with wood} steampunked monitor

one timber picture frame
a length of 19th century Passementrie
offcut from bluebird sewing machine desk
screws, timber

A definite improvement, wouldn't you say?

Monday, August 8, 2011

{Project Runway Australia Sew-a-long} Challenge 5: Grandma's Best

Project Runway 5th challenge involved no models - instead family members of the contestants! 
The brief: design their ultimate outfit
It must suit them to a tea, fit them like a glove and fulfill their every fashion fantasy
Budget $100
Time limit: eight-hours

Introducing... Nanna Linda!

A little about Linda...
1. She was wearing black before black was the new black... she insists she was the first in Sydney to wear ALL black (and I am not inclined to argue);

2. She commutes several hours every day to visit my grandfather in his nursing home, every day of the week (no days off for Linda!);

3. Has no time to launder with care nor iron her outfits;

4. She is terribly interesting, rich in character and full of stories!

 This inspired the light, gauzy fabrics she can wear on her long walks and trips on public transport all this coming summer long.

Also, I made the design so it didn't need to be ironed - but still looks smart. I achieved this in two ways. First, I tried experimental ruching on the sleeves - to make a feature of the wrinkled look. Second, I placed the grosgrain ribbons down the front and on the sleeves to give the impression of clean lines - without having to iron.

 The textured fabric in the skirt plays to her quirky ways.

Linda is happy with the fit. LOVES the colour and is absolutely tickled to have a new outfit!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{giveaway} missoni DIY skirt kit

Win a length of the missoni fabric for a DIY skirt kit. Includes colour co-ordinated mokuba fold-over elastic, for the waist band.

To comply with Australian competition legislation, this is a 'game of skill': to be eligible to enter, be a follower of this blog (you can be one already or become one now) and comment on this blog entry with why you would like to win the kit.

Thanks for stopping by. This is competition is now closed - you can check out the winners here. And head to Le Coutureve for more giveaways.

{dress yourself} suddenly summer dress

merino jersey acid yellow
missoni patterned knit from tessuti

today reached 26 dgrees. hottest august day in four years

and I had a dress to match

check out the DIY giveaway, too!

Monday, August 1, 2011

{Project Runway Australia Sew-a-long} '70s dress

100% merino wool jersey dress
ink navy blue and acid yellow
made within budget, within time frame
To brief: inspired by the 1970s

The dresses for the first two challenges were very runway - formal, glamorous affairs. Like wise the last challenge too glamorous for practical, every day wear. With this challenge, I made something to suit my corporate days. I have enjoyed the haute couture creations but this one is more ME!

Sturdily constructed with the over locker (and coverstitched cuffs) - this one is also built to last.

I switched over the lenses on my camera this week, so this time you can finally see the bottom of the dress (and my shoes!).

End with a bow!

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