Monday, October 17, 2011

{cloth 2} the bag

Cloth first made a mention on LeCoutureve, in the wardrobe cover makeover. They have fresh, Australian prints. Unrivalled in contemporary application. Australia flora featured in other fabrics (like quilting) range between too kitsch (think: tourist postcard and placemat) and too prissy (neat, soft 'English' arrangements that belie the 'rough as guts' appearance of the Australian bush). Cloth depicts wiry Australian flora in all its glory. They use rough linen and unruly patterns that ooze organic out of every fibre. I didn't need to check the tag, I knew this was made right here in my beloved bastard of a country.

Constructed with rough, layered seams to showcse the fabric's raw edges

this one has been gifted to Nanna Linda


  1. Is that the banksia print? Stunning!! And leaving some edges raw was the perfect design choice for this bag and fabric...
    I love your description of the rough as guts Aussie bush. It is all that, and it still has its own mesmerising beauty.

  2. Great bag and great design features. Love the raw seams. Your post was quite poetic (in a rough-as-guts kinda way).


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