Saturday, October 15, 2011

{sustainable design 4} untouched world


Untouched World is a New Zealand clothing company that embodies the principles of sustainable design. They create timeless, modern designs using high performance, sustainable, luxury fabrics. Including ecopossum™ (luxurious merino & possum knitwear), organic mountainsilk™ (fine machine washable merino), organic cotton and bamboo collections.

Something you should know about me, is that I was one of those kids that belonged to every extra-curriciular activity and club (think Rushmore). One of those was the United Nations Youth Association. Where I would draft resolutions for the mock General Assemblies in which equally pronoid teenagers solved the world problems at state and national holiday camps, ahem, conferences.

So, I was delighted to discover Untouched World, was the first clothing company in the world, to use the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainability emblem on their products. And thought you might like to check out their pieces.


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