Saturday, October 22, 2011

{diy} notions holder

One day when I was browsing ebay I came across some listings from a haberdashery store that had closed down. I ended up with a box full of bias bindings for a steal. Now, following the advice of Male Pattern Boldness' sewing don'ts... we shouldn't hoard notions. But, ahem, for me, like threads (yes, the header of this blog is just one of my drawers of threads!), I subscribe to the notion 'freedom of design is freedom of selection'. Being creative is easy when you've got a full pack of crayons ;)

Which works well if you've got a container to put all your crayons in.  When I bought the box of notions, I hadn't thought THAT far ahead. So I commandeered a cube and ended up with this, on the left. That is as neat as it ever got. The trouble was most of the time the towers of rolls fell over and tumbled out the front and back of the cube.

There had to be a better way. After a few months of my subconscious mulling it over I came up witht this easy project you can do yourself WITHOUT ANY POWER TOOLS... I didn't want to permanently alter my dear wooden cube. So, this is a method you can confidently use knowing it can be easily removed and only leave a few tiny holes left in the wood.

Curtain wire pack
What I used:

1. Pliers
2. Curtain wire pack with hooks and eyes
3. Ruler
4. Chalk
5. Wooden cube

1. Measure and mark where the wires will be hung

2. There's all three marks

3. Press firmly to make an impression,
then screw in the eyes (or hooks)
4. This wood was a hard so I did the last few turns
with the pliers

5. Cut your wire to length - the width of your space
(minus the length of a hook and eye)
6. Screw the hooks
(or eyes - the opposite of what you screwed into the wood in 3.)
into each end of the wire

Slide on your rolls and hook them to either side... phew! Notions nightmare sorted

If you're wondering what's in the middle there... it's an old wooden bobbin I picked up at the vintage fair :)

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